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Flying under a new call sign

During 13 deployments to the Middle East, Lt. Colonel Rob Aikman ’01 was a pilot in charge of refueling fighter and bomber aircraft mid-flight. Now, he pilots Air Force Two, a military plane with the radio call sign used for the Vice President of the United States. “It still blows me away to this day when we fly around the world and get off that aircraft and you see the blue and white, the ‘United States of America’, and the flag on the tail,” said Aikman. “We are flying around, spreading democracy and freedom and representing the United States...

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Improving Infrastructure, Strengthening Communities

The need for quality and thoughtful urban infrastructure across the nation continues to escalate, and with recent engineering technology advancements, engineers are stepping up to meet the growing demand. In this year’s annual report card put out by the American Society of Civil Engineers on the state of the nation’s infrastructure, America scored a D+. It’s clear there is still some work to do, and Mines is poised to make big impacts as one of the premier institutions educating tomorrow’s civil and underground engineers; Mines offers the only graduate degree program in underground construction and tunnel engineering in North...

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Supporting Critical Thinkers

Don Thorson ’55  has been an innovative problem-solver since his earliest days growing up on an oil field in Newcastle, Wyoming. When he was six years old, he found an abandoned eight-foot oil tower. “I could make myself a drilling rig and I could drill holes in the ground with that. It worked just like the big ones did,” Thorson recalled. His father, who first owned a small oil field containing five wells and then went on to mine bentonite, was always trying his hand at different things and encouraged Thorson to think about problems with fresh eyes. In...

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Making Waves on Water Issues

Becky Mitchell ’02, MS ’07 is the new director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, looking to take on Colorado water supply and demand issues and the preservation of agriculture. For Becky Mitchell, water is how she can make a difference in the world. “Water touches everything,” she said, capturing the magnitude of her calling. Mitchell is the new director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, a state government board that represents each major water basin in the state and works with other state agencies. After Mitchell received a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering and master’s degree in environmental...

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Woman to Woman: Alumnae encourage female students to consider Mines

Admissions data shows that there are plenty of female students applying and being accepted to Mines. But when it comes time for them to commit to becoming an Oredigger, the numbers follow a downward trend. To help reverse this and achieve Mines’ goal of increasing the number of female students on campus to 40 percent, the Women of Mines alumni interest group strives to engage alumnae and campus partners and encourage women to pursue their passions at Mines. The group is currently working closely with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to encourage accepted female students to commit to the...

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