Author: Anica Wong

Making Waves on Water Issues

Becky Mitchell ’02, MS ’07 is the new director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, looking to take on Colorado water supply and demand issues and the preservation of agriculture. For Becky Mitchell, water is how she can make a difference in the world. “Water touches everything,” she said, capturing the magnitude of her calling. Mitchell is the new director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, a state government board that represents each major water basin in the state and works with other state agencies. After Mitchell received a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering and master’s degree in environmental...

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Woman to Woman: Alumnae encourage female students to consider Mines

Admissions data shows that there are plenty of female students applying and being accepted to Mines. But when it comes time for them to commit to becoming an Oredigger, the numbers follow a downward trend. To help reverse this and achieve Mines’ goal of increasing the number of female students on campus to 40 percent, the Women of Mines alumni interest group strives to engage alumnae and campus partners and encourage women to pursue their passions at Mines. The group is currently working closely with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to encourage accepted female students to commit to the...

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Joe Geiger: Building a Future on a ROTC Foundation

Joe Geiger ’09 is not shy to say that being in ROTC as a student at Mines changed his life. His wife, Mel, agreed, remembering back to their high school days when he was a scrawny boy who had an afro of red hair and wore Hawaiian shirts like they were going out of style. “I was able to get an engineering degree in four years and have a job and stay on track and have good grades and do ROTC because of the structure and discipline that ROTC provided. It’s multilevel,” Geiger said. He knew he wanted to be in the military from a young...

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