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Studying waves to contend with the wolf note

Beloved by musicians and music lovers alike, the cello is the most versatile of the string instruments, able to cascade from a high alto to a low bass in seconds. Of all the instruments, it is said to have a sound closest to that of the human voice, and it adds warmth, richness and complexity to many musical arrangements. To create beautiful music, however, cellists must contend with the “wolf note.” This note, which got its name from the animal-like howl it creates, occurs when the cello emits two frequencies close together, resulting in interfering frequencies. The quality of...

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Wonder women: Mines alumnae are succeeding in STEM fields and encouraging positive change in the workplace

It’s 2018, and women are changing what it means to work in STEM. This year, Mines graduated its highest number of women to date: 420 received a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree. Still, women comprise only 29 percent of the student body—slightly more than are represented in the STEM field as a whole. According to the “STEM Jobs: 2017 Update” report by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Office of the Chief Economist, women currently represent more than 50 percent of the college-educated workforce in the United States but only 25 percent of college-educated workers in STEM.  As in many...

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Teaching English, inspiring civic engagement

When Ernesto “Eric” Aguilar ’01 left his career in counterdrug operations with the United States Air Force in 2005, he took the opportunity to travel the world. Over the next two years, he biked the “Big Lap” around the perimeter of Australia and through New Zealand, spent time whitewater kayaking and visited Cambodia and Europe. But when he returned to the U.S., Aguilar found himself without a plan for the first time in his life. Knowing his love of other cultures, Aguilar’s stepmother offered him some advice: enroll in a graduate course to teach English to non-native speakers. There,...

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