Author: Alyse White

Alumni Note

Dear soon-to-be alumni, The time right before graduation is both exciting and a little terrifying. I remember participating in many of Mines’ traditions and longed to keep these connections after leaving Golden. While on campus, I was involved in different activities as part of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the American Association of Drilling Engineers and the international office, among others. I also held on-campus jobs in the Petroleum Department and Mines Alumni Association. I still wanted to stay connected to Mines but in a different way now that I was about to become an “adult.” Hanging out in...

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An Italian Dinner in Austria with a Spaniard

I have been in Austria almost a week and it seems like just yesterday I was frantically trying to pack up my life into two huge suitcases and two carry-on bags. Everyone in Leoben has been very friendly, and through smiling, pointing and a combination of English and German, this town and culture are making more sense each day.

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Austria in One Week

I’m Alyse, a junior in petroleum engineering. One week from today I will be getting of the train in Leoben, Austria, ready to get settled in before starting the semester.

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