Author: Alex Truby

Going Deep for Far-Out Life

Subsurface life forms that don’t need the Sun may hold the key to understanding the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. In February 2005, a research team led by microbiologist John Spear set out to study geothermal ecosystems in the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park. What they found astonished them: microbial communities in the boiling waters were thriving not on sulfur, as was previously believed, but on hydrogen. The findings, which were published in a cover story of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2005), provided evidence of the first hydrogen-eating microbes ever identified in...

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Spirited Photobomb and Farewell

If you were expecting the summer issue sooner, I apologize. ‘Building History‘ was some time in the making. It’s a brief history of Mines through the lens of campus architecture (with a few digressions along the way) and it has been a lot of fun (and work) to put together. Amie Chitwood and I spent countless hours poring through thousands of old photographs and referencing dozens of historical documents. Deb Melani conducted interviews with individuals throughout Golden, including the campus architect, alumni and local historians, Rick Gardner was particularly helpful. Using records from the office of Capital Planning and...

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Update from the States

I arrived back in the states in June, not sure how long it would take to get over my jet lag and readjust to the American lifestyle. As good as it felt to be home, I couldn’t help feeling a little “homesick” for what had been my home for the past six months. I’ll never forget the friends and experiences I gained during my time there.

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