Mines is published three times a year by Colorado School of Mines and the CSM Alumni Association for alumni and friends of the school. Mines magazine is a critical communication serving the Colorado School of Mines community. Its mission is to keep readers informed about the school, to further the goals of the school and the alumni association, and to foster connectedness.

Editorial Board
Tina Gianquitto, Karen Gilbert, Peter Han, Trisha Bentz Kendall, John Poate, Matt Showalter ’99, John Spear MS ’94, PhD ’99

Copy Editors
Karen Gilbert, Brenda Gillen, Trisha Bentz Kendall, Kathleen Morton

Art Director
Craig Korn, VeggieGraphics

Administrative Support
Ruth Jones, Sandra Kohl, Linda Nothnagel, Jo Marie Reeves, Nancy Webb, Angie Yearous ’91

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